Som Sudha Prakashan

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About Us

The word ‘publish’ has long been used for publicizing that means advertising. However, lately it has been used for making available reading material to public and also gives information besides new and innovative ideas. Thus publication has to come to be used for bringing to the people the print material in book form or otherwise. Thus publisher came into the market as businessmen. Some men had come into this profession to make money only. Others joined this field with material benefits besides services to the nation by bringing quality books for readers. They didn’t subscribe to sell knowledge cheap and qualitative.

Som Sudha Prakashan came into existence thirty year ago with the initiative to produce affordable quality books for school children without compromising on quality. Inspired by the success of Art & Craft and Hindi books, Company published books on many subjects and almost every book is written according to the new syllabus to provide a touch of inspiration of innovative material.We include new topics and techniques to keep the student’s interest alive. We made the books more interesting by using colors and graphics so they can be easy to remember and make the learning process joyful.

Publishers are proud of their production and are grateful to their eminent and established authors, editors, designers, and other associates connected with the publishers.These books are printed and published as a complete set of books i.e. series for all classes. Our Series of English language books have been prepared to match the best English series available in the market. These have been accepted and introduced in prominent institutions of India. Similarly, Hindi language series of books are very popular and are widely accepted. Our books produced keeping in mind the quality in contents and printing.

We seek from our patrons their views and suggestions. We appeal to teachers and Principals to go through the contents and quality of the books and if they find these books useful, they may introduce them in their school.

Let us all resolve not to compromise on quality. We bank on our authors and users for their contribution and continued support in our rise as a publisher of qualitative and affordable books.

Rupendra Kashyap
MG Director